Is Your Construction Site Too Wet?


When you are involved in any construction project, the state of the ground where you are working is always going to be a concern. You will want the ground cleared of any existing structures and other obstacles before you start excavating, but that often isn't the only problem. In many cases, the ground where you are trying to work is waterlogged and impossible to excavate properly. With wet ground, you will soon discover that when you try to dig out the footings of your property, they fill with water as soon as you start creating the hole. When you need to work in the wet ground, there is only one solution: you will need to use dewatering pumps to remove the ground and surface water from the site before you start work.

What is dewatering?

A dewatering pump or a dewatering system is often used on construction sites to remove excess water and lower the water table so that the footings can be established without them filling with water. If a dewatering system isn't used, then water will soon start to gather in every trench on the site, slowing the pace of work and, in many cases, making it impossible. While a conventional pump is good at transferring water from place to place, dewatering pumps are able to not just move the water but to separate the water from the surrounding sludge that would quickly block any other type of pump.

Where does the water go?

If you are using a dewatering pump, then you cannot simply transfer the water from one part of the site to another. You will need to move the water completely off-site and pump it into a storm sewer or perhaps into a nearby wetland or lake.

Which dewatering technique is best?

There is no single dewatering technique that is ideal in all circumstances, but often, a dewatering system is used to establish stable conditions in a variety of soil types. This dewatering system involves the creation of some shallow wells which are connected to a dewatering pump allowing the water to be cleared from the site.

To identify the most suitable dewatering technique for your construction site, you must discuss your needs with the relevant experts at the earliest opportunity so that the site can be prepared for construction and your project is not delayed. Contact a supplier of dewatering pumps in your area for more information.


20 March 2020

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