3 Vital Factors to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Forklift


Renting a forklift offers numerous advantages over buying new equipment. You may need forklift rentals for different reasons, especially when running short-term projects. While purchasing forklift equipment is a sound long-term decision, it requires a higher initial investment. Fortunately, numerous companies offer forklift rental services to help you get the job done at an affordable cost. Choosing the ideal forklift rental service means getting the right equipment for your project type. Consider these four key factors to help you rent the best forklift equipment for your upcoming project. 

The Work Environment

The working environment is critical and determines the type of forklift you will need. Ideally, the surface or terrain of your site will determine the required forklift tires and fuel type. Generally, forklift tyres come in three primary categories; 

  • Pneumatic Tyres – required for rough, outdoor surfaces and ideal for heavy-duty use, especially in construction sites. 

  • Solid Rubber Tyres – similar to pneumatic tyres, but with solid rubber tyres throughout the wheel. They provide limited protection than pneumatic tyres. 

  • Polyurethane Tyres – they are lightweight and commonly used indoors on electric forklifts. They feature low rolling resistance and excellent traction. 

In regards to fuel, options like petrol, diesel and LPG are popular for rough, outdoor terrain, offering enhanced power. On the other hand, battery-powered or electric forklifts are ideal for indoor applications. 

The Forklift Size

Unlike advanced construction equipment like excavators, bigger forklifts aren't necessarily the best choice, depending on your specific project. To understand the ideal forklift size for your business, consider aspects like the maneuvering space needed and load capacity. Most warehousing facilities feature smaller alleys which require small-sized forklifts for easier manoeuvrability. 

On the contrary, outdoor applications might require extensive work. For this reason, the forklift you choose needs more lifting and load-handling capacity. In such cases, go for a large-sized forklift with more horsepower. 

The Equipment's Relative Age 

You don't necessarily need to hire new forklift equipment. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of hiring new or used equipment. Ideally, if you plan to use your forklift for less than a few hours daily, renting used forklift equipment is a sound decision. However, renting a newer, more advanced forklift might be a good decision if you're dealing with extensive projects that demand more forklift usage. 

Renting a forklift can be much easier if you consider these three vital factors for your upcoming project. Work with a reputable forklift rental company to get the best deal. Reach out to a local service, such as L & P Mackin Forklifts, to learn more.


17 January 2023

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