Avoid These Errors When Mulching Your Garden


Mulching is a vital aspect of gardening that helps promote healthy plant growth. When done right, mulching can conserve the moisture in the soil, suppress weeds and slow down the process of erosion. The presence of mulch can promote cooler temperatures on the ground, especially during the hot months. Thus, you should take note of the right mulching steps to follow and which mistakes to avoid. That is the only way you will gain the amazing benefits of mulching. Here are some errors to avoid when mulching:

Applying Excessive Mulch

You should use the right amount of mulch regardless of whether you are applying it for the first time or adding a fresh layer. The success of the mulch depends on the amount used. Your plants require water, oxygen and nutrients for them to grow. However, suffocating them with piles of mulch is dangerous; the plant roots will not get the water and air they need.

Furthermore, a lot of mulch creates a breeding ground for pests and insects. Such conditions also encourage disease in plants. However, this does not mean that you should apply too little mulch. The appropriate amount is spreading about three inches of the product on the soil. 

Using the Wrong Type of Mulch

Different kinds of mulch are meant to be used for various applications. Therefore, you should be wise in the choices you make. For instance, using shredded bark or sawdust on a herb garden is a poor choice that will lead to wilting. The best kinds of mulches for vegetable and herb gardens are red, silver or black plastic mulch. You can also use one inch of dressing compost on such gardens. Take the time to understand your garden and the ideal mulch to use on it. 

Applying Bad Mulch

The biggest mistake you can make is getting your mulch from a source you do not entirely trust. Avoid using free mulch at all costs. Free municipal mulch is often full of pesticide materials; these may contain chemicals that could destroy your plants. You need to understand every chemical coming into contact with your edible produce. Get a supplier who can explain the origin and contents of the mulch. 

In conclusion, making mistakes in mulching could bring significant losses. Thus, take the time to understand your garden and find the right mulch for it. If you are not sure of the process, ask an expert to help you. Mulching experts will ensure you reap the benefits of the process. They will also advise you on how you can best maintain the mulch.


23 March 2020

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