Benefits of Using Heavy Transport Services to Relocate Seasonal Equipment


Owning a small construction business means that you may handle a variety of jobs throughout the year. Some of these jobs are likely seasonal, dealing with things like digging swimming pools or handling roofing construction during dry seasons. Other jobs may include land clearing and preparation for land expansion. The one thing these projects have in common is heavy equipment. If you find yourself moving certain heavy seasonal equipment to storage each year, you may be looking for a third party option.

Here are the benefits of using heavy transport services as that option.

Mass Transport

One of the key benefits of using a heavy transport service is the ability to move multiple pieces of equipment at one time. If you are relying on yourself, you may have to move one piece of equipment, deliver it, and then return to repeat the process for other equipment on your site. When you use a heavy transport service, you can avoid the return trips and have all of your seasonal equipment moved to your storage location. You can also have the equipment you need out of storage brought back to your current site. This means fewer trips, less time and a quicker service option than the one you may have in place.

Safe Transport

If you are moving your own equipment, you may be concerned with safety. You may not have all the safety points you need in place for the movement of your equipment. If something happens to that equipment, you could be out several thousand dollars. When you work with a third party heavy transport service you can ensure the safe transport of your equipment. You can ask what safety steps they take and how they ensure that your equipment is secure over different roadways and highways.

Scheduled Transport

When you are dealing with transporting your seasonal equipment, you are likely on a schedule. This schedule is to ensure that you are not interrupting your current jobs and projects while still swapping out the equipment and storing the equipment properly. Using a third party heavy transport service allows you to schedule your equipment transport and work around your current projects so everything continues to run smoothly. 

If you are ready to use a third party heavy transport service for moving your seasonal equipment, contact your local provider today. They can answer questions regarding pricing, scheduling and equipment transport security. They can also answer questions regarding the ongoing use of their services and other services that may fit your needs.


24 March 2020

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