What You Should Know If You Are Looking for Earthmoving Contractors


If you need some earthmoving work done, for example, demolition, rock excavation, land remediation, solid waste removal, land clearing and capping, trenching, pool excavation, soil testing, driveway excavation, rock grinding, retaining wall excavation, tank excavation, etc., you need to find a reputable earthmoving contractor. Here's what you need to know to get the best out of the company:

Residential and Commercial Earthmoving Contractors

Earthmoving work can be classified as either residential or commercial. For example, work like residential driveway, home foundation and pool excavation can be classified as residential earthmoving work, while earthmoving work like land remediation and commercial building foundation excavation can be classified as commercial earthmoving work.

When hiring earthmoving contractors, ensure they specialise in the kind of work you need; that is, if you have commercial earthmoving work needs, hire commercial earthmoving contractors. On the other hand, if you have residential earthmoving work needs, hire residential earthmoving contractors.

Earthmoving Work Specifics

When hiring an earthmoving contractor company, ensure that it offers the particular services you need. What does this mean? If you need pool excavation services, hire an earthmoving contractors company that advertises pool excavation services and has carried out pool excavation services in the past. This guarantees you quality work and reliability.  

Wet or Dry Hire

You should know that there is a difference between hiring earthmoving contractors and hiring earthmoving equipment.

If you are hiring an earthmoving contractors company, they mostly offer wet hire services, meaning that you use their contractors who also operate their earthmoving equipment. You have to, however, include them in your planning stage because the company's operators have to understand your needs.

If you want to hire earthmoving equipment, you have the option to either choose dry or wet hire. For dry hire, you only hire the piece of equipment you need and use your operators, who have to be vetted by the earthmoving equipment hire company. For wet hire, you hire both the piece of equipment you need and an operator.

Topography and Terrain of Your Site

Is the construction site easily accessible or does it require unique pieces of equipment? When hiring an earthmoving contractors company, you need to inform them where the construction site is and how the terrain is. They should make a site visit to check whether their equipment can operate within the conditions of your site. Such conditions may include steep slopes, deep pits, uneven surfaces, etc.


27 May 2020

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