Four Ways Crane Riggers Help Ensure Safety During Crane Operations


Heavy construction riggers are responsible for setting up and disassembling all the lifting devices such as cables, wire ropes, chain hoists, pulleys, and hooks that are used with crane equipment to move large and heavy items. They also work with crane operators and others on construction sites to ensure a safe lift.

There are many things that crane riggers do to maintain safety during crane operations. Keep reading to find out what they can do to prevent accidents that may result in property damage, bodily injury, or even death in the workplace.

1. Inspecting rigging equipment before use.

All rigging equipment must be checked for damage before starting work. If any piece of equipment is found to be damaged, the owner of the equipment must be informed about it and the necessary repair work done before it can be used.

Using uninspected lifting equipment increases the likelihood of an accident occurring due to the use of faulty equipment, thus resulting in injuries and property damage.

2. Taking proper care of rigging equipment.

When not in use, rigging equipment must be properly looked after. For example, moving parts will need to be kept well lubricated to ensure optimal performance and durability during lifting operations.

A crane rigger will ensure that all your rigging equipment is maintained according to the instructions included in the owner's manual. They'll also ensure every piece of equipment is stored properly to avoid damage that may arise from its improper storage.

3. Setting up rigging equipment to match your loads.

In order to ensure safe crane operations, rigging equipment must be assembled to match the weight of the maximum load to be carried. Overloading a crane can cause the machine to collapse or tip over. 

A crane rigger's job description involves making sure that rigging equipment setups match the load requirements of every job.

4. Complying with industry guidelines regarding crane safety.

Crane riggers have industry knowledge on how to ensure safety while operating crane equipment. They'll use their understanding of weight, height, and other operating requirements to ensure that your crane operations are carried out as safely as possible.

Lifting large and heavy objects using crane equipment is a job that requires proper planning to do safely. Crane riggers have the knowledge, skills and experience required to plan and perform the job safely. Be sure to hire qualified and competent riggers if you want your construction job to be successful.


27 August 2020

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