4 Reasons Why Hiring a Telehandler Can Boost Your Project's Productivity


When running a construction project, incorporating a single machine that can multitask is an excellent investment. The ability to tow, lift and stack loads while navigating through the tightest spaces is a huge plus. One equipment that has such capabilities is the telescopic handler, also known as a telehandler. 

A telehandler is quite popular because it's a compact machine that combines both a crane's and forklift's functionality. With a robust telescopic boom handle bearing interchangeable attachments, this equipment is highly versatile. Here are four reasons why hiring a telehandler can help boost your construction project's productivity:

Suited for On- and Off-Road Manoeuvring 

Generally, telehandlers are 4-wheel drive machines. For this reason, they are suitable for driving and navigating rough terrains and also excellent for roads. Such flexibility makes them ideal for extensive projects, including construction and industrial applications, etc. 

Can Handle High Load Capacities 

When dealing with tons of heavy materials, working with telehandlers makes work much easier. These machines are surprisingly stronger than forklifts and cranes in their size bracket. Their design allows them to lift heavier loads at incredible heights on job sites. Other equipment with the same power bears much less weight and spans more limited height comparatively.

They Are Extremely Versatile 

For all mobile cranes available in the market, telescopic handlers rank among the most versatile. You can add multiple attachments on their boom, including winches, forklifts, mud grabs and scoop buckets, etc. As such, these machines can tackle a broad range of tasks on any job site. 

A telehandler's boom comes in either low-pin or high-pin design. With the low-pin system, operators enjoy excellent clarity on the site. It provides 360-degree visibility that's optimal for lowered booms and ideal for low-level site operations. On the other hand, a high-pin boom design is suitable for cab extensions, which allows for long-reach applications. 

Multiple Industrial Uses

Telehandlers are useful for various industrial uses, especially when handling multi-storey construction projects. Since they are ideal for rough terrains, they qualify as equipment of choice on newer construction sites where the ground is uneven. Furthermore, you can rent telehandlers when constructing new agricultural infrastructures, such as storage facilities and barns. 

A telehandler is an essential heavy construction access equipment. Rather than purchasing a crane and a forklift, you'd instead hire a telehandler that combines the two equipment's functions. Such versatility will allow you to multitask using one machine, saving more money and significantly boosting productivity.

If you need construction equipment, reach out to a local access equipment hire service.


28 September 2020

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