Do You Need to Ask for a Height Safety Equipment Inspection?


Any site manager understands the vital importance of health and safety. If you are looking after a construction site then you have a responsibility not just to take care of yourself but to ensure that your site is a safe place to work and that all of your employees have the right equipment to carry out their jobs and have been trained in the correct use of that equipment. One area where safety is especially important is in the area of working at height. Whether you have employees who need to work at an elevated level or you need to move materials or equipment to a raised position, you must be able to do so safely.

Taking care of your equipment

When you rely on equipment to work safely at height, then it is vital that this equipment is well cared for and that it remains in good condition. The best way to regularly check this equipment is through a height safety equipment inspection. A regular inspection will allow you to be sure that your equipment will be present and safe to use whenever you need it. Once the inspection is completed you must fill out an equipment inspection record so everyone knows when the last inspection took place and what observations were noted.

What takes place during a height safety equipment inspection?

An inspection can only be carried out by an officially registered company who have the knowledge and experience to make the right decisions about whether your equipment can be safely used. During a height safety equipment inspection, every piece of safety equipment will be examined. In some cases, the inspector will simply be looking for any obvious signs of wear, at other times the equipment may need to be fully tested and re-certified, perhaps every six months, or once a year. Everything that happens during the inspection will be logged in the official record which demonstrates that your company is legally compliant.

Following up on the inspection

If everything passes the height safety equipment inspection then you don't have anything to worry about until the next inspection is due. If the inspection company highlight any areas of non-compliance, then you will be obliged to act on the findings of the report and repair the damage or replace the damaged piece of equipment so that your business can operate safely in the future. To find out more call your local height safety equipment inspection company today.


23 October 2020

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