Reasons to Enlist Telehandler Wet Hire Services for Your Residential Construction Project


When planning a heavy construction project on your property, be it the addition of an extra storey or the building of a completely separate structure, leasing out the right equipment is vital for the success of your project. The trick to saving on costs without compromising on quality is to determine which types of equipment can provide you with multifunctional capabilities, as this saves you the hassle of hiring an arsenal of machinery for one project. An excavator, for example, is a great choice since it comes with an assortment of attachments and this allows for a range of functionality. Another piece of equipment that you should consider is a telehandler. Comprising a mobile cab and a telescopic boom, this piece of equipment is a staple for commercial and residential projects alike. Check out the following reasons to enlist telehandler wet hire services for your residential construction project.

Exceptional adaptability

The foremost reason why telehandlers are ubiquitous pieces of equipment in a majority of projects is that they offer exceptional adaptability in a couple of ways. For starters, telehandlers can be employed with a slew of attachments, and this ensures that the machinery will be suitable for the various specifications of your project. The availability of scoops, clamps and so on in a vast range of sizes ensures that this equipment is capable of excellent handling. Hence, whether it is loose soil that needs to be elevated or heavy bricks, you are bound to find an accessory to suit the task at hand. Furthermore, while telehandlers are primarily designed for the handling of materials, pallets and the like, the equipment's extendable arm can be outfitted with a cabin and this transforms it into a makeshift man lift, which allows workers to access areas that were otherwise out of reach.

Enhanced reach and loading capacity

Speaking of its extendable arm, the second benefit of enlisting telehandler wet hire services is to make the most of the enhanced reach and loading capacity that this equipment offers. This extendable arm comes in an array of lengths, so whether your project needs a reach of several metres to tens of metres, you can rest assured that there is a telehandler with the capabilities that you are looking for. Moreover, the load-bearing capacity of this equipment is higher when compared to other forms of machinery that are primarily employed for their reach! Take note, this enhanced reach and loading capacity of the telehandler is coupled with mobility that allows the equipment to travel across the site and this streamlines your project further.


30 December 2020

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