Why Hire a Rough Terrain Forklift for Your Construction Site?


Forklifts are useful vehicles to have on construction sites. They can help you ferry supplies around the site so that your crews always have what they need at the right time. Their small size makes them perfect for this job; they can get to places larger vehicles can't reach.

However, you can't simply hire any forklift in this scenario and assume that it will do a good job. If you're working on an open site, then a rough terrain model is often the best choice. Why?

Get a Forklift That Deals With Site Conditions

Regular forklifts work on various construction sites; however, they run into problems in some conditions. For example, if your ground isn't even, or if it is wet, muddy or icy, then a standard forklift might struggle to do its job. These forklifts aren't designed to work on rough or difficult ground. Their wheels might not have safe traction levels. The machine could skid or get stuck, and you'll have to find a way to get it out of the ground.

Alternatively, if you hire a rough terrain forklift, then it can cope with more difficult conditions. These forklifts have larger and more rugged wheels, which means they are designed to cope with difficult ground. In fact, some rough terrain models also come with power steering that works on all four wheels. This gives you more control of the vehicle. It is less likely to skid if you can utilise all of its wheels.

Your forklift should be able to access all areas of your site. To do so, its advanced wheels and steering give it the traction and control it needs to operate safely.

Get a Forklift That Works Harder

Even if you can run a regular forklift safely on your site, it might have some limitations. The forklift might not have the weight capacity to safely carry as much stuff as you need to move. Likewise, you might need to make multiple journeys to deliver supplies across your site. Plus, if you need to move heavier construction supplies, then the forklift might not work at all. You'll have to find a different way to move these items around your site.

A rough terrain forklift doesn't just give you a more rugged drive. These machines typically have higher weight-bearing capabilities. They should be able to handle heavier items more easily.

To find out more about rough terrain vehicles and to see some examples of models that might work on your site, contact a company like Top End Access.


15 March 2021

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