Crane Truck Rental Tips


For most people, hiring a crane truck could seem like a straightforward process. However, this is not always the case. Slight oversights often cause disputes between the client and the hiring company. Below is an article discussing how to interview a crane truck rental company. Hopefully, you will have an easy time renting a crane truck. 

What Is The Condition Of The Crane? 

The crane must be in excellent mechanical condition. Otherwise, it could break down or cause accidents at the site. Below are some tips to help you examine the condition of the crane: 

Ask for service and repair records to tell if the company follows the recommended crane servicing schedule.

Start the crane to ensure the functionality of the hydraulic system. If the boom does not extend to its full length, the crane could have a faulty pump, leaking hydraulic fluid, cavitation or worn-out cylinders.

Inspect the wire rope, pulleys, cables and hooks for signs of wear.

The crane must have functional outriggers and counterweights.

What Are The Terms Of Hire? 

Read the terms of the hiring contract. For example, you would want to know if the company offers wet or dry hire. Wet hire is a preferable option for people that do not have an operator to drive the crane. Besides, you will not be liable if the crane breaks down or suffers an accident. Dry hire is ideal for people that can operate crane trucks. Sometimes, it could be cheaper than wet hire. 

Check whether the company offers support services such as transport, repair and maintenance. If they do, assess whether you will have to pay for the services. As a rule, the crane must have adequate insurance coverage to protect you from liabilities in case of an accident at your site. Most companies will ask you to clean and refuel the crane before returning it to their premises. 

What Are The Charges? 

Consider the following when assessing the crane truck rental charges: 

Does the company charge per hour or per day? Hourly charges are ideal if you need the crane for a few hours. Ask for a daily charge if you require the crane for long term use. Check whether the charges vary from time to time. For example, some companies might charge more during the weekend. If the crane comes with an operator, inquire whether their salary is included in the daily or hourly charge. Inquire whether the company charges when the crane is in transit. 

When renting a crane truck, inspect its condition, read the terms of hire and examine the rental charges. 


16 March 2021

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