How To Examine The Terms Of Crane Hire


When hiring cranes, most contractors are often concerned about the crane's pricing. However, they forget to assess the terms and conditions of crane hire. As such, they often incur penalties after flouting the company's terms. Below are some things you should look out for when examining the crane's terms of hire. 

Is The Crane Hired On Wet Or Dry Hire Basis?

Most people do not understand the difference between wet and dry hire cranes. Wet hire cranes come with a crane operator. Besides, the company might fuel and lubricate the crane while it is at your site. On the other hand, a dry hire crane does not come with an operator. As such, you are required to hire one. Dry hire cranes are significantly cheaper than wet hire cranes. Besides, they give you more control over your project since your operator understands the project specifications. The downside of going with this option is that you will be liable if the crane breaks down at your site. 

What Services Does The Company Offer? 

One of your concerns would be whether the company will transport the crane to your site. Inquire whether this service is free or charged. When hiring tower cranes, find out whether the company will install the crane at the site. You should also check whether the company conducts routine crane maintenance while you have the crane. Remember, you should not have to replace worn-out parts since you are not solely responsible for the wear. If the crane breaks down at your site, ask whether the company will deploy an experienced mechanic to repair the crane. 

What Are Your Responsibilities? 

As a client, you bear the following responsibilities: 

  • Conducting a site inspection to ensure that your site does not have any risks that could cause site accidents.
  • Ensuring safe crane operation. For instance, the crane should not be overloaded or operated by unlicensed personnel.
  • Providing adequate security to ensure unscrupulous individuals do not wreck or steal the crane.
  • Cleaning the crane and refilling the fuel tank. Most companies will fill the fuel tank and expect you to return the crane with a full tank of fuel. 

What Penalties Does The Company Impose? 

The company might penalise you if you disregard their terms. For instance, they could fine you if you do not make payments on time. Most companies will allow you to extend the hiring period. However, they will fine you if you do not return the crane at the agreed time. You could also be fined for negligence when using the crane or moving the crane to another location. 

When assessing the terms of crane hire, inquire whether the crane is wet or dry hire, examine the available services, your responsibilities and the penalties.


22 March 2021

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