Two reasons to rent an excavator if you're building a cabin on a densely wooded property


If you own some densely wooded property and are planning to build a cabin on it, you should rent an excavator. Here are some reasons why.

You can easily and safely cut down trees with it

One of the advantages of having a densely wooded property is that you have access to plenty of timber. However, in order to obtain this timber, you need to knock down a few of your trees. Whilst it's possible to do this with a chainsaw, this is a time-consuming, risky and exhausting approach, particularly if the trees you're cutting down are particularly tall or have very wide trunks.

If you want to utilise the trees on your property to build your cabin, contacting an excavator hire company and renting an excavator from them would make this job far easier. The main reason for this is that you will have much greater control over the way that the tree trunk falls; this is because the operator can elevate the bucket and strike the tree at a higher point than they could if they were on the ground with a chainsaw and can then use the bucket to push the tree in a specific direction until it collapses.

Additionally, the operator won't need to be dangerously close to the tree as its falling in the way that they might if they were cutting the tree down with a chainsaw, as they can back up the excavator so it's a few metres from the tree and then simply extend the bucket outwards to strike the trunk. This will reduce the chances of any branches that unexpectedly fall towards the machinery from striking and breaking the excavator's windshield and injuring its operator.

You can dig the trench for the log cabin's foundation

Another great reason to use an excavator rental service is that it will make quick and light work of any digging you need to do for your cabin's foundation. Whilst you could make the excavation with a shovel, this could add a couple of extra days to the project, would be exhausting and could be difficult to do manually if the soil on your property is rocky.

If you hire an excavator, it could take just an hour or two of work to finish preparing the excavation. Furthermore, it would be much less tiring than digging with a shovel, and the excavator would be able to crack and break up even the rockiest sections of soil with ease. Reach out to a company like Statewide Hire Pty Ltd to discuss excavator hire. 


13 December 2021

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